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Audrey Cudel is a Technical Diving Instructor and renowned Underwater Photographer whose style is famous within the Technical Diving community. She founded a renowned Technical Diving Facility in Gozo (Malta) back in 2012 before establishing her own company AUDREY CUDEL TECHNICAL operating worldwide and specialising in Sidemount Essentials & Technical Sidemount, Cave Diving training and related equipment.


After more than 25 years of diving, she has been actively teaching Technical Diving in Egypt, Gozo/Malta, Mexico and Spain. Over the past 10 years teaching up to Full Cave & Decompression Procedure levels, she has decided to specialise herself in Sidemount, Technical Sidemount & Cave Diving Training to share the best out of her passion and experience in these fields. She also truly believes that diving for herself in her spare time enhances the foundations of her own skill level to be shared with her students.


Beyond her adaptive teaching style and her dedication to making each student a better diver, she is a passionate underwater photographer complementing each training and diving session with numerous shots which became famous within the diving industry and through social media. She is very well known in the Technical Diving community for her unique style and her work has been published in various magazines (Wetnotes, Octopus, Plongeur International, Times of Malta, …), Technical Diving agencies and Sidemount Instructor’s websites, training materials & dive shows (SDI/TDI website, TDI Sidemount Manual, Technical Sidemount, ‘Boot’ show, TDI ‘Mission Tech’, …).


Audrey is a DAN (Divers Alert Network) certified Instructor. In addition to her work as a Technical Diving Instructor, Audrey has worked as a safety diver on a number of Technical Diving events such as : Deep Diving record attempts with Pascal Bernabe (former world deepest dive record holder at 330 meters), French cameraman Rene Heuze (movie ‘Oceans’, series Blue Planet II) for the ‘330 Meters Below the Sea’ documentary, France5 TV programme ‘L’Echappée Belle’ documenting the ‘Underwater Mayan World’.

Her extensive experience in teaching brings you the most interesting and demanding courses that you can ask for. Her training is customised based on each divers strengths and weaknesses in order to make you a better and safer diver. All sessions are debriefed based on the videos shot on our dives together.

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