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What a group of cool divers!

What a group of cool divers!

Some of you might know and remember Go Side Mounts first “Cave Diving Flashmob” with 16 divers in 2013. If not, here is the chance to see the video of it.

We wanna say Thank You to all divers and helping hands participating:

Tom Steiner & Audrey Cudel, Adel Georg Halak, Måns J Olsson von Gozo Technical Diving, Art Gardiner, Andrew Zammit, Zdenka & Mathias Krenn, Maik Winter, Marcel Pottin, Kay Schulz, Heike Riek & Daniel Watter, Andreas Brustmann & Bianca Lasslberger, Richard & Manuela Oberwinkler, Max Fahr, Tomasz Jezewski, Waldemar von Steiner & Magdalena Rajkowska, Jagoda Ratuszna & Maciej Kobiałka, Marcin Jarosz, Grzegorz Dec, Łukasz Adamczak, Grzegorz Świątnicki, Michał Kaciczak, Wojtek Kociemba, Ute Welcker & HP 🙂

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We played a bit with our CCRs at the end of last year, trying to catch the beauty of natures refections under water.
A BIG APPLAUSE and THANK YOU to all that came and joined our first SIDE MOUNT SUMMIT in Mexico between 27th of October and 10th of November!

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